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CreditBox began offering online loans in 2013 in Illinois, then quickly expanded into Wisconsin, Missouri, New Mexico, Nevada and Utah. Our goal was to offer our customers the ability to receive their loan in a fast, friendly, and fair matter. So, with the expansion into different states we focused on providing the best experience and exceeding our customer’s expectations in an online loan lender.

We established a lending solution that was not only convenient to our customers but one that had a fast and simple process. The online loan application can be filled out in minutes and made accessible on-the-go or from the comfort of your own home. We don’t stop there, our hassle-free funding option through direct deposit helps get you your cash fast.

When it comes to online lending, we know there are many choices. We strongly believe in the importance of being available to assist our customers at any point of the application process. We build a strong relationship with you because when you contact us you talk to real people and not robots.

CreditBox is always evolving to fit your lifestyle. We are committed to be your helpful resource and provide you with an excellent customer service experience for your specific financial needs.

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Save Big on Back-to-School Shopping: A Guide to Budget-Friendly School Shopping
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Save Big on Back-to-School Shopping: A Guide to Budget-Friendly School Shopping

Pencils break, backpacks are worn out, and your child has grown out of the gym shoes you bought them not even a year ago. The time has come for back-to-school shopping! While this is an exciting time for your kids, it can be a period of financial stress for you. Saving money on school supplies is possible, and there are many things you can do to prepare your kid for the school year without breaking the BANK in the process.