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Budget Travel: The Best Places to Visit in the Fall for an Affordable Vacation

Budget Travel: The Best Places to Visit in the Fall for an Affordable Vacation

Just because summer is coming to an end, doesn’t mean it’s the end of your vacation time for the rest of the year! In fact, some places are even better for fall travel than they would be in the summer! The temperatures might be too hot in the summer, but just right in the fall. Better yet, you will find cheaper flights and hotel accommodations because fall is generally an off-peak travel time.  Have something to look forward to as school starts up again and the weather turns colder by booking one of these affordable vacation destinations that are sure to fit into your travel budget.

 New Orleans, Louisiana

This affordable vacation destination is unlike anywhere else in the U.S. With so many different foods and great jazz music, there is no wonder it is one of the most popular tourist destinations. Along with being affordable during fall travel times, the weather is also perfect with highs in the 70’s. It is worth noting though, that fall is also prime time for hurricanes and tropical storms. If you keep your eye on the weather, New Orleans is worth fitting into your travel budget.

Savannah, Georgia

Known as one of the South’s most haunted cities, Savannah is perfect for fall travel, specifically around Halloween! Round trip flights are often under a couple hundred dollars from larger cities during the fall months, making it an affordable vacation destination as well. Catch a ghost walking tour while you are there to get into the fall spirit or hit up the Savannah Jazz Festival if that is too scary.

Albuquerque, New Mexico

If you are searching for mild fall weather and a show you can’t see anywhere else, then Albuquerque, New Mexico is a must-see affordable vacation destination. The International Balloon Fiesta occurs here every year in October and spans over nine days. Every day is a different theme, so it is worth staying for if you have the time. You can also enjoy your very own balloon ride or stay grounded and listen to live music. To save money on your fall travel plans, there are hotel specials and camping available. It will fill up fast, so don’t wait if you want to fit Albuquerque into your travel budget.

Upper Peninsula, Michigan

The Upper Peninsula, or the U.P., is a great fall travel destination for those who want to experience the traditional aspects of autumn. Plan your vacation for early October to see the fall foliage at its peak, but that’s not all the U.P. has to offer. You might come for the gorgeous fall colors, but you will stay for the 300 waterfalls, 40 lighthouses and over 100 miles of trails at Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. Keep in mind that this affordable vacation is not a particularly warm one. The temperatures will range anywhere from the low 30’s to the mid 50’s, so dress warm!

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