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Best Places to Go Swimming in New Mexico

New Mexico is known for its hot, dry summers, and temperatures that regularly top out in the 90s. It's enough to send you searching for "swimming pools near me." But when you're looking for a place to cool off, there's no better place than one of the many lakes, natural pools, and swimming holes scattered throughout the state. Check out these list New Mexico state parks and natural swimming pools for a place to chill out.

Elephant Butte Lake State Park

If you're from New Mexico, you've probably heard of Elephant Butte Lake. This New Mexico state park is home to one of the largest lake in New Mexico, which makes it one of the best places to go for a swim. Along the water's edge are sandy beaches that are perfect for throwing down a towel, relaxing in the sun, and enjoying a picnic. The water along the shore is shallow, so even small children can enjoy it. The lake also allows boating, water skiing, and other water sports if you're into adventure.

West Mesa Aquatic Center

It's not all about natural swimming pools. Case in point – if you're in the Albuquerque area and you search for "swimming pools near me," you're likely going to find a listing for the West Mesa Aquatic Center. The center features an indoor Olympic swimming pool, indoor recreational pool, and outdoor recreational pool. The indoor and outdoor pools have water slides and diving boards. The swimming pools are handicap accessible and have a zero-slope design, making the aquatic center a fun place for people of all ages and abilities.

Bottomless Lakes State Park

UFOs aren't the only thing you can find near Roswell. The area also has sinkholes and natural pools up to 90 feet deep that are perfect for diving in to cool off. The water in the natural swimming pools is a beautiful turquoise color that sparkles in the hot summer sun. Like several lakes in New Mexico, boats aren't allowed in the water here, which makes it a safe spot for taking a dip. Paddle boats and paddle boards are allowed if you want to venture out a little farther into the waters of this New Mexico state park.

Heron Lake State Park

Nestled in the northern mountains of New Mexico is the quiet Heron Lake State Park. Boats are only allowed to operate at no-wake speeds, so you don't have to worry about harsh waves ruining your relaxing day on the water. Enjoy your own personal day by one of the lovely lakes in New Mexico after searching out one of the many secluded swimming coves located around the edge, or make it an overnight trip by pitching a tent at one of the campsites along the lake's shores.

Abiquiu Lake

Abiquiu Lake offers picturesque views along with natural swimming pools. Located just about an hour outside of Santa Fe, this lake is a popular spot for people who just want to get away for the weekend, or are looking for an afternoon of recreation. Want a bit of action? Leap from one of the cliffs into the cool, deep natural pool below.

From New Mexico state parks to natural pools and beyond, you'll find so many options when you search for "swimming pools near me" as a resident of the Land of Enchantment. CreditBox can help you get the cash you need to take a quick weekend getaway or gear up with the newest swim fashions. With the Refer-a-Friend program, both you and your friends can get some extra spending money for a splashing good time.

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