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Christmas toys

8 Toys You’ll Remember, at Prices you May Not

On average, American’s spent about $940 on holiday gifts in 2017 and it is expected to rise for 2018. The highest ever spending was in 2001 with Americans spending $1,052 on Christmas gifts. The price of Christmas has changed throughout the years, but how much exactly? We put together a list of popular Christmas gifts and items that have dramatically changed in price over the years. 

1.     Christmas Tree - In the 1940’s right after WWII, a fake, 42-inch Christmas tree cost about $5. Nowadays, the cost for a fake tree of that height can cost an average of $100 or more.

2.     Doll – If you were buying a doll as a Christmas gift in the 1940’s, it would run you about $2.59. The price for a Disney doll on Amazon today is about $25.

3.     Toy Trains - An electric train set in the 1940’s was $30 plus an extra $5 for the transformer. If you wanted to buy an electric train set today as a Christmas gift, you would spend around $100.

4.     Pork Loin Roast – Christmas dinner is almost as important as the Christmas gifts! The price of a pork loin was 45 cents per pound in 1940 and costs $4 per pound today, depending on where you shop for your groceries.

5.     Car -  Though not a very common Christmas gift, a lucky few still get to experience the joy of waking up to car keys under the Christmas tree. In the 1940’s, a Ford Super Deluxe Sedan cost $1,395. Even less, a new car on the 1930’s cost about $800. Today, a new Ford Mustang is priced at $26,120.

6.     Television – Today, there are many brands, sizes, and types of televisions. You can get 3D, curved, LED, plasma, or 4K. In the 1940’s, there weren’t half as many options and they were priced around $400. Unlike the other items on this list, televisions now are technically cheaper! You can get a 32-inch LED smart TV for $130 on Amazon today.  This is due to many factors including inflation and the fact that the technology is not as new as it was almost 80 years ago.

7.     Radio - With the invention of smart phones and Bluetooth speakers, not many people own radios today. But if you wanted to buy one as a Christmas gift this year,  you can get one with Bluetooth technology for $33 on Amazon, and even cheaper without the Bluetooth capability. You can also download radio station apps on your phone for free or for a small price. In the 1940’s, the cost of a radio wasn’t that much different at $19.85.

8.     Clothes – Another popular Christmas gift that you may or may not like to receive from your relatives is clothes.  You could buy a women’s blouse in the 1940’s for $3.95. Raincoats were $8, sandals were $6.95 and you could buy a cap and mitten set for $1.48. Even if you shopped at bargains stores today, you would be hard pressed to find any of those items for that low of a price.

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