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If you are always on the go and cannot seem to find a moment of rest? CreditBox has the perfect solution for you! Whether you are on a road trip, shopping or at work, you can get an installment loan in a few easy steps. Don’t let your busy life stop you from getting the personal loan you need to build your credit or to cover an unexpected expense.

Apply Online or Over the Phone

As long as you have access to the internet or a phone, you can use CreditBox to get an easy installment loan. It is as simple as going to and entering in your information. You are going to need the following documents when applying to CreditBox:

  • Verified bank account and voided check (if applicable)
  • Valid Driver’s License/State ID
  • Current proof of income (ex. pay stub or benefits letters)
  • Proof of residency (2 recent pieces of business mail)

You can simply email or fax the documents over and you will know you have been approved once you get an email saying so. To apply over the phone, call 888-669-4227 and you will be transferred to a friendly service rep to help you through the process. Just make sure you are in a private space where you can have a personal conversation.

Making Payments

Are you worried about having to go into the store to make payments on your personal loan? Don’t be because you have support from anywhere! You can arrange installment payments that work with your income. Did you switch banks? You can easily update your info by calling us to change payment information.

Friendly Service

We have service reps who are fast, fair and friendly that are experienced in guiding people over the easy loan process. All you questions will be answered and you will have a complete understanding of the personal loan and its terms. Did you apply online? Great, we will send you text messages and email alerts to keep you up-to-date on your account. We will send also send a payment reminder that way you don’t miss anything.

Don’t Miss Out On These Benefits!

If you are not already convinced that CreditBox will fit your on-the-go lifestyle then here are some great benefits you might not be aware of. If you don’t have the best or you have no credit, you are still eligible for a personal loan. We are here to help you when you need it, even if other lenders have turned you down. Are you looking for a way to improve your credit score? Then our installment loans will help build that credit by staying on time with your payments. Was your personal loan experience with us satisfying and want to earn money by referring us to your friends? Just give your friend or family your referral ID. When they apply for an easy loan, they will get a $50 credit towards their new installment loan and you will receive $100! Having friends pays off.

No matter your lifestyle, CreditBox is here to help you out. Do not let your non-stop and busy life keep you from getting the money you need, visit us at

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