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Places to Find Unique Gifts for Everyone on Your List

Add some excitement to your holiday gift-giving this year with these special and unique gifts. Nobody wants to give a bad gift, and you won't with these uncommon goods. You're sure to delight others with these keepsake pieces and spark some interesting conversations. If you're wondering, "What should I buy?" when gift shopping, "something unusual and cool" might be the best answer.

What Should I Buy for Adults?

Personalized items make unique gifts for adults, and they show you put some extra thought into your gift-giving because they're tailored specifically to your recipients. These thoughtful uncommon goods include things like:

  • Monogrammed hoodies: Hoodies are great for anyone who needs light protection from the elements, and you can get them with logos of your favorite bands or sports teams in addition to the personalization. Add a name or just initials to get the monogram effect you want.

  • Food items in monogrammed containers: Have a snack lover on your gift list? A monogrammed container filled with the recipient's favorite sweet treats is a one-of-a-kind gift that they can enjoy now and later.

  • Customized wall art: Wall art that features a personal detail, like a last name on a street sign, or a wall hanging with figures that represent each family member, adds a loving touch to the recipient's home.
  • Ornaments crafted from recycled materials: Decorations that both add beauty and are eco-friendly show you recognize the recipient's desire to live an environmentally conscious lifestyle.

What Should I Buy for Kids?

You can have a lot of fun shopping for the younger generation. Look for things like hobby kits that give them something to do and capture their attention. Some other kid-friendly uncommon goods to consider include:

  • Dollar store party baskets for younger children: Buying for a young child? Consider loading a colorful container with silly, inexpensive items. Stretch out the fun by wrapping each item separately so the children can enjoy more time opening every gift.

  • Personalized gifts with grown-up flair: Have a child with unique taste on your gift list? Consider a personalized journal for a child who enjoys writing or a microscope for a youngster who's into STEM subjects.

  • Sports gear for an unexpected sport: Have an athletic child on your holiday gift list? Athletic gear like a pogo stick, hula hoop, or badminton set make fun additions to an athletic child's game supplies.

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