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Reliable First Date Spots

No matter how many times you've done it, first dates aren't easy. You're meeting someone you may not know at all, or meeting someone you've only texted or talked to on the phone. If things go right, this person could become a huge part of your life. It's only natural to be nervous, but choosing the right spot for your first date can help make dating a bit easier.

Coffee Shop

A coffee shop may seem like a cliché meeting spot for your first date, but there's a good reason people go there. It's one of the most reliable spots for determining whether you want to spend more time with a person. Meeting with your date at a coffee shop keeps the ball in your court so that you can stick around and talk for hours or get up and leave after a short period of time without being rude. It's especially good if you've been talking online and need a simple preliminary spot where you can check out each other.

Amusement Park

If there's an amusement park in your area, it can be the ideal spot for a first date for several reasons. First, you both have the perfect excuse to let your hair down without worrying about what the other will think. You can act like a kid again, and it's perfectly acceptable. Second, if you're nervous about the date, you'll find the big roller coaster is enough to wipe them out and replace them with a different type of stomach butterflies. Even if your date turns out to be a dud, you still had fun.


If you prefer something a little more serious, trade in the amusement park for a trip to a local museum. Whether it's art, science, history, or music, make sure it's something you'll both enjoy. When you find yourself nervous and tongue-tied, you can focus on discussing an exhibit instead of your life.

Trivia Night at Your Favorite Bar or Restaurant

Bars and restaurants are go-to date places, but if you're nervous you may not look forward to an hour or two of quiet one-on-one time. Instead, hit your favorite eatery up on trivia night. Turn your nerves into competitive spirit, and see how well you and your date work together to come up with answers to the questions while enjoying your food. You'll have so much fun that you'll forget all about those first date jitters.

Hiking at a Local Park

If your date is up for it, suggest a hike at a local park. The scenery gives you something to talk about and may even put you in a romantic mood. You can pack a picnic lunch and find a good place to eat so that you can get to know each other better.

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