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Spring Break Travel Prep

Spring Break Travel Prep

Spring break is still a couple of months away, and if you start planning now, you can go on an amazing vacation without the higher costs of booking later on. You have time to really do your research, book when the price is right, and get the best deal possible. Use the four tips below to get the most bang for your buck on this year’s spring break travel.

Use Price Tracking Apps

Because you still have some time before you need to book, you can monitor airfare prices for a little while before you spend money. Chances are, you’ll see the tickets you want drop in price. With apps like Hopper, GTFO (Get the Flight Out), and Expedia, you just pick your destination and dates and then let technology work its magic. When your fare drops in price, these apps will automatically alert you so you can book for less. Some travel monitoring apps will even advise you on when it’s a good time to book based on the likelihood that airfares will rise or drop again. When you get the best deal possible on plane tickets, you’ll save a lot of money on this year’s spring break travel.

Pick Based on Lodging Options

While it’s possible to get a great deal on lodging, you can’t beat staying somewhere for free. If you have family or friends that live in warmer, more tropical destinations like Florida or California, take advantage of your relationship and pick your spring break vacation based on them. You’ll save hundreds of dollars on lodging that you can spend on activities or souvenirs (or even put into savings). Plus, you’ll get to spend some time with people you don’t see that often. Staying in an extra room or couch at a friend or relative’s house is a win-win and can make the difference between going on a spring break vacation and staying home.

Consider All-Inclusive Deals

If you have your spring break sights set on Mexico or the Caribbean, look for all-inclusive resort packages. These packages often include all food, drinks, and activities, and some even offer a discount on your airfare. If you and your friends all go in and stay at an all-inclusive resort for your spring break vacation, you won’t have to worry about a thing and you’ll save more money by avoiding purchasing a-la-cart. Plus, most all-inclusive resorts have private beaches, so you can truly relax in style.

Go for a Cruise

Cruises have a reputation of being meant for kids or retirees, but more and more cruise ships are being built to entertain twenty and thirty-somethings looking for an affordable, global getaway. Once you find the right cruise at the right price, all food and drinks (except for those containing alcohol) are included. You and your friends will spend your spring break vacation island hopping. Most cruise ships offer 1-3 sea days on a 7-8 night cruise, which are days meant to be spent relaxing poolside and taking advantage of all of the fun the ship has to offer – all included in your original cruise purchase price.

By beginning your spring break vacation planning now, you have the opportunity to save lots of money that you can spend on activities or souvenirs from your destination of choice. If you still need a little extra cash to go on the spring break trip of your dreams, turn to CreditBox. Just fill out our easy, quick, and confidential online application today. You may qualify for enough money to cover the cost of your entire spring break travel! 

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