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Things You Should Know About a Wedding Before You Go

When an invitation to a wedding arrives in your mailbox, it can be exciting. It might also bring on a little anxiety, especially if you've never been to a wedding before, or it's been years since you've attended one. Whether it’s a traditional wedding or something a little more unique to the couple, a slight amount of preparation on your part can make the day go smoothly. From what to wear to a wedding to figuring out the right wedding gifts, we've got everything you need to know before you go.

When and Where to Go 

An invitation to a wedding typically provides basic information, like when and where the wedding will take place. It should also include special details you may need to know about the location, such as where to park or if the reception will be held at a separate venue and what to wear to the wedding if there's a special dress code like black tie. Make sure you know how to get there so you can arrive on time. Just a tip, a traditional wedding, you'll want to arrive about half an hour early. 

Who to Contact 

If you do have questions, never call the bride and/or groom on the day of the wedding or at the last minute. As a matter of fact, it's best to find another point of contact if you can. There may be a number on the invitation for RSVPs. The couple may also have a wedding website that provides you with more information or a better point of contact. If all else fails, contact the venues associated with the wedding. 

What to Wear 

Another big decision you'll need to make is what to wear for a wedding. Plan ahead as much as possible. Some invitations or wedding websites mention whether the wedding is formal or casual, while others may leave you playing a guessing game. In that case, think of the couple getting married and look at their invitation or website to see if you can get a feel for what to wear. You can also ask around if you have mutual friends. 

If all else fails, follow traditional wedding guidelines and find an outfit that falls somewhere between casual and formal. Be sure to check the weather for the day to make sure you won't be too hot or cold, and dress comfortably, especially if you plan to dance the night away at the reception. Finally, don't wear white — that's the bride's thing. 

What and Whom to Bring 

Unless the couple requests that you not give wedding gifts, a present should be at the top of your list of what to bring. Find out if they have a registry so you can purchase something they need. Ladies may want to carry a small purse, while guys may opt for pants or a jacket with pockets. This way, you can keep your phone put away. Don't pull it out during the ceremony, especially if the couple asks that guests not take pictures. Always keep your phone on silent. 

As for people to bring, again, the invitation to a wedding should provide all the details you need. Only the people in your household who are mentioned on the envelope should come. That means you may need to leave the kids at home. Your invitation will also indicate whether you can bring a guest.

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