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Winter Vacation

Affordable Winter Vacation Destinations

If you live in an area in America where the winter weather is bleak and gloomy, you are probably thinking of a warm winter vacation destination you can escape to right about now. Maybe you enjoy winter weather and want to find some affordable skiing destinations. While some locations may be a bit pricey based on demand, there are still ways you can take a cheap vacation without breaking your budget. If you still need extra funds to get away this winter, take out a cash advance.

Florida Keys, FL

The Florida Keys are a great winter vacation destination you can visit to escape the colder weather. You can hang out on the beach and enjoy tasty local seafood while your friends back home are scraping snow off of their cars. Even though the Keys experienced a hurricane, the area has rebuilt quickly and is eagerly welcoming tourists.  To make this a cheaper vacation, fly into the Fort Lauderdale airport instead of Miami. You will have to rent a car either way, and you will save cash by flying into a further airport. Round trip tickets to Florida are affordable this time of year, especially if you live near a major city like Chicago, New York, and Boston. If ticket prices are too much, take out a cash advance to go on your winter vacation worry-free.

Cleveland, OH

Thought not a typical winter vacation destination, Cleveland has a lot to offer in the winter months and at an affordable price too! Round trip flights are cheap, or if you live in the Midwest it is an easy vacation destination to take a road trip to (if there is no snow on the ground). Depending on what time of year you visit, you can catch a Cleveland Cavaliers game or head to the Cuyahoga Valley National Parks’ Winter Sports Center for some snowshoeing or cross-country skiing. For another fun indoor activity, visit the Cleveland Museum of Art and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. If that isn’t enough, enjoy time at the Holiday Circlefest in December or the Cleveland Winter Beer Fest in January.

Dallas, TX

Another affordable winter vacation destination is Dallas, Texas. You can get to Dallas from almost anywhere in America on a flight in less than four hours. This means flights are generally affordable. Dallas is also a very walkable city so you won’t have to worry about spending your money on expensive cab rides or Ubers. Temperatures are around the 60’s during the winter months as well, so you won’t be cold walking around outside.  Another reason Dallas is a cheap vacation destination is that there are free museums in the area. Check out the Dallas Museum of Art, The Meadows Museum of Art, and the Crow Collection of Asian Art and sculpture garden.

Santa Fe, NM

Speaking of art, if that is your thing, Santa Fe, New Mexico is a winter vacation destination for you. Ranked as the third-largest art market in America, Santa Fe has almost 300 art galleries! While the hotel prices make this a cheap vacation destination, the flights can get a little pricey. If you can’t make it happen on your own, take out a cash advance to get you there.

Chicago, IL

Another Midwest destination that you can visit for your cheap vacation this year is Chicago, IL. If you don’t mind the cold temperatures, Chicago is rated as the top wallet-friendly destination for flights. Don’t worry, with so much to do indoors, you don’t have to worry about suffering outside. Visit the Art Institute, Shedd Aquarium, or catch a Blackhawks or Bulls game at the United Center! If you want to brave the cold temperatures, you can try ice skating outside of Chicago’s famous Millennium Park.  

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