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Company History

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15,000 Loans generated.

After just 4 years in business CreditBox generated it's 15,000 loan!!! We couldn't have done it without our trusting customer base.

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Expansion West. 3 new states open for business.

2015 was a big year for CreditBox. The demand for the signature CreditBox installment loan trigger further development into Wisconsin, Utah and New Mexico.

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2014 Dec

Expanded Online into Nevada

As CreditBox continued to generate new loans the company opened for business in Nevada.

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2014 Jan

Expanded Online Installment Loans in Illinois

CreditBox started to offer their industry leading online installment loans to Illinois customers in January of 2014.

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2013 Nov

CreditBox opens in Missouri

CreditBox growth and expansion led the company to open online business in Missouri; offering personal loans to our customers.

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2013 Sep

CreditBox LLC. Founded

CreditBox was founded in 2013 in Des Plaines, Illinois a suburb located just outside Chicago.